New Product Release:

Ti2000 Down springs are now in stock for the 2009 + Nissan Skyline GT-R R35.

RS-R’s Ti2000 series is a titanium composite material utilized for its strength, durability, and weight.  This in combination with a state of the art forming process provides a spring that had unmatched benefits of responsiveness, and resistance to sag.


MSRP: $459.00
Part#: N350TD
Compatibility: 2009+ Nissan GT-R
Chassis code: R35

Approximate Drop:
Front -20mm to -25mm (-0.8inch to -1.0inch)
Rear -20mm to -25mm (-0.8inch to -1.0inch)

Spring Rates:
Front 16.60kg/mm
Rear 8.57kg/mm


For photos of the springs, and to place an order follow the link below.

2009+ Nissan SKyline GT-R Ti2000 Down sus