Lexus IS 250/300/350 RWD Black-i Coilovers 2014-2020


When being looking good just isn’t good enough is something the Black-I series coilovers has been specially designed for.  To perform at extreme vehicle drop levels while providing a smooth and comfortable ride.  There’s no reason to sacrifice looking good for ride comfort.


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Part#: XBKT191M
Compatibility: 2014-2020 Lexus IS 250/350 RWD
Chassis code: GSE30/31

Preset Approximate Height From RS-R:
Front -40mm (-1.6inch)
Rear  -45mm (-1.8inch)

Maximum Adjustment Ranges:
Front  -20mm to -175mm (-0.8inch to -6.9inch)
Rear  -40mm to -195mm (-1.6inch to -4.0inch)

Recommended Adjustments for Optimal Ride-ability:
Front -25mm to -60mm (-1.0inch to -2.4inch)
Rear -40mm to -65mm (-2.6inch to -2.6inch)

Spring Rates:
Front 18.00kg/mm
Rear 10.00kg/mm

Dampers are 36 way adjustable in the front and the rear.

Warranty 1 Year / 12,000 miles from the day of purchase

Weight63 lbs
Dimensions13 × 13 × 32 in

1 review for Lexus IS 250/300/350 RWD Black-i Coilovers 2014-2020

  1. Phong

    Rides great. Unfortunately I had my coilovers for under 3 years and my second shock has blown. I don’t think I had problems with my shocks ever in all my years driving, after market or OEM. For the price, I definately had high expectations for the blacki coilovers. Huge disappointment. 2014 is250 fsport.

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