Volkswagen Golf GTI Sports-i Coilovers 2015-2021


Spirited weekend track drives do not have to sacrifice daily driving comfort or performance.  Designed for the performance enthusiast in mind, the RS-R Sports-I coilover system provides a comfortable ride for everyday use, yet is sufficient enough for those effervescent track days.


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Part#: XBIVW017M
Compatibility: 2015-2021 Volkswagen  GTI
Chassis code: AUCHH

Preset Approximate Height From RS-R
Front: -30mm to -35mm (-1.2inch to -1.4inch)
Rear: -35mm to -40mm (-1.4inch to -1.6inch)

Maximum Adjustment Ranges
Front: -10mm to -75mm (-0.4inch to -3.0inch)
Rear: -30mm to -65mm (-1.2inch to -2.6inch)

Recommended Adjustments for Optimal Ride-ability
Front: -15mm to -45mm (-0.6inch to -1.8inch)
Rear: -30mm to -65mm (-1.2inch to -2.6inch)

Spring Rates
Front: 7.00kg/mm
Rear: 5.00kg/mm

Dampers are 36 way adjustable in the front and the rear. Warranty 1 Year / 12,000 miles from the day of purchase.

Weight57 lbs
Dimensions15 × 15 × 32 in


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