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A New Generation of Engine Optimizers

RAN✩UP enhances engine efficiency at the microscopic level. Utilizing key components that were developed for aerospace robotics, this specially formulated mixture of nano ceramics reduces friction throughout all oil-lubricated parts of the engine. RAN✩UP creates an environment where engine efficiency can reach its maximum potential.

RAN✩UP increases engine power, improves fuel efficiency and reduces engine vibration.

RAN✩UP’s nano technology makes the difference
  • Increased engine power and torque
  • Improved response and pickup
  • Reduced engine noise and vibration
  • Extended oil change Interval
  • Better fuel efficiency
RAN✩UP is unlike any other additive

RAN✩UP is unlike most oil additives in that RAN✩UP is not the oil itself, but rather a composite of materials originally developed for use in aerospace technology. Specially formulated for automotive use and processed into a top-quality (0W-20) 100% synthetic motor oil allows RAN✩UP to be easily transferred into the engine minimizing energy loss due to friction to allow for maximum engine performance.

RS-R’s RAN✩UP produces real dyno-proven power!

RAN✩UP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the requirements for usage?

There are no specific requirements. However, do not use RAN✩UP in a two-cycle engine. Shake well before adding to your engine oil. Pour in one bottle (300ml) of RAN✩UP for 4 to 8 quarts of oil in the engine.

What does RAN✩UP do? Is it effective for all cars?

Thanks to our newly-developed oil optimizer RAN✩UP, what is achieved is a reduction of friction inside the engine which increases horsepower and improves fuel economy. This has been verified in all the cars we have tested.

Does it have any undesirable effects on the engine itself and/or related parts?

To date, our tests on RAN✩UP have not shown any adverse or undesirable effects to an engine. In fact in inspections on racing applications, engine tear downs have shown significant reductions in engine wear.

Will the ingredients contained in RAN✩UP clog the oil filter?

No. The ingredients contained in RAN✩UP are extremely fine particles that will pass right though the oil filter.

When I pour in RAN✩UP, do I need to drain out the same amount of oil?

As long as your oil level stays within the permitted range on your oil gauge, it is not necessary to drain an equivalent amount of oil. After pouring in RAN✩UP, idle your engine for a few minutes, and then check the oil level on the dipstick to ensure levels are within the manufacturers recommended range.

I purchased RAN✩UP but will not be using it for a while. Is there an expiration date?

There is no expiration date, but we do recommend that you store RAN✩UP in a cool, dry place and once you open it, use it as soon as possible.

When I was pouring RAN✩UP, I spilled a little. Will it affect performance because it is not the full amount?

If you spill a small amount, there will not be any significant difference in its effect. However, if you spill a large amount, RAN✩UP’s performance benefits may be reduced. Be careful not to get any on your clothes. If you get it in your eyes, wash it out for at least 15 minutes with running water, then seek medical attention immediately.

Can I use RAN✩UP with any engine oil?

Yes, RAN✩UP can be mixed safely with all types of engine oil.

Can I use RAN✩UP in a rotary or diesel engine?

Absolutely. RAN✩UP can be used in both rotary and diesel engines.

Are there any restrictions using RAN✩UP in a new car?

No. RAN✩UP provides the same engine performance enhancing benefits whether the car is new or old.

Is it OK to mix RAN✩UP with an engine oil additive from another company?

No. When using RAN✩UP, always use it as the only additive to your engine oil.

How soon does the effect from RAN✩UP appear? Will my fuel mileage improve?

The benefits of RAN✩UP typically appear after about 30 minutes of normal driving, or after a day depending on the conditions of use. Keep in mind that these results will vary based on driving habits and driving conditions.

If I use twice as much, will I get twice the benefit?

No. The recommended amount is sufficient to provide maximum benefit. Using extra will not increase performance.

If I change my oil, do the benefits of RAN✩UP stop?

Even after an oil change, some benefits may continue due to RAN✩UP remaining inside the engine. But depending on the conditions, the benefits most likely will be reduced.

How long will RAN✩UP work? And when that time is up, can I just pour in more?

The benefits last as long as it is in the engine. But when you do change your oil, we recommend pouring in another bottle of RAN✩UP.

Are there any benefits from mixing RAN✩UP in my brake fluid or transmission fluid?

NEVER mix RAN✩UP with any other fluid! RAN✩UP has been specifically formulated for engine oil use only.

Wouldn’t it be better for me to move up to a higher grade of oil?

There is no direct relationship between the grade of oil and the friction reduction effect of RAN✩UP. But if you move up to a higher grade of oil and use RAN✩UP, you may gain even more performance benefits.

You have described the advantages of RAN✩UP. What are the disadvantages?

The main effect of RAN✩UP is to reduce friction, so essentially there are no disadvantages. However, because of the reduction in the coefficient of friction, there may be some impact on engine braking. Also, because RAN✩UP makes your engine run quieter, the sounds from auxiliary equipment and other noises may seem louder.

Can I use RAN✩UP for racing or other competition?

Please do. Races are where the performance of RAN✩UP really shines. However, check with the race regulations to make sure they allow you to use something as beneficial as RAN✩UP.

I used RAN✩UP once and then I stopped using it. Will this have any negative effects on my engine?

The performance benefits of RAN✩UP will gradually diminish, but there will be no negative effects.